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Laura Aimee at Cambridge Roar

My name is Laura Aimee, I am in my early twenties and live in a small village outside Newmarket, Suffolk. I call this home however I call many places home as I've had the pleasure of living in a variety of very welcoming areas. From a young age I have only ever been interested in three things, the great outdoors, animals and a great passion for anything creative, never been far from pencil and paper.

I have spent my whole life surrounded by countryside and animals; these in turn are the main inspirations to most of my work.

So why has it not been straightforward I hear you wonder? In October 2011 I sustained a serious acquired brain injury. This has come with its trials and tribulations; however creativity has been my main grounding point throughout it all. In the beginning for a couple of years I didn't think I would be able to do art, my style had changed with the injury. What is the positive to this? Not only was art a brilliant rehabilitation tool, but helped me to learn that no hurdle is too large to overcome.

Laura Aimee at the Cambridge Roar charity auction

Colour blindness

One of the most recent tribulations of the acquired brain injury has come to light in the past few years. I lose my colour vision. In 2013 I lost complete vision for 8 weeks, thankfully my vision returned, however my world looked like I was in the 60's or 70's, full of bright colours, but the wrong colours. Over time normal vision returned. Upon return of vision I solely worked in black and white, mainly out of fear of losing colour vision again. I was playing safe.

In more recent times, since May, I have lost colour again, all I am able to see is green. A whole world of green. I have taken the silver lining to this by exploring painting and drawing in colour and seeing what happens. This is turning out to be a very fun adventure. To me these drawings are a perfect tonal drawing or painting, however to you I am under the understanding they are all completely different colours.

Whilst enjoying this small adventure, I have challenged myself to be able to paint in normal colour and find out is this possible for me? If you would like to follow this journey, it will be publicised across my social media accounts.

Horse painting in green
Horse painting in colour

Giving something back

Throughout the years of recovery I have had the help from the most inspirational people, whether that's the NHS Doctors and nurses, Headways, the team at the Oliver Zangwill Centre, the staff at East Anglian Air Ambulance, friends and family or the crew from Quy Mill Hotel with the Cambridge Roar 2017 events. If one thing has come from this is how grateful I am to them all, in turn I now work with several charities raising money by donating artwork to them.

I have also spent time creating a unique gift pack to donate to the people who deserve a treat whilst experiencing the effects of cancer and its treatment. 'Something To Look Forward To', a truly beautiful charity, if you have a chance take a look.

Take a look at my artwork
Laura Aimee at the Cambridge Roar charity auction

Over the summer months, I have been a part of the Cambridge Roar 2017 events by donating numerous bespoke pieces of artwork to raise money for East Anglian Air Ambulance, Arthur Rank Hospice and Cambridge United Community Trust. I couldn't recommend Cambridge Roar Events highly enough. I have been in attendance at the majority of their events, which is where Paper Hills Photography captured these wonderful photos, and they have been magnificent. Will keep you posted on all social media links with how ROAR 2017 ends.

Last but by no means least, I volunteer with East Anglian Air Ambulance a fun and lively charity, a charity close to my heart and the counties I have had the pleasure of living in.

A special thank you to:

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I take great pleasure in helping people, seeing people smile and knowing that my artwork has helped make a difference

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